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I was a shy, weird kid who came from a family that struggled to make ends meet. As many creatives do, I brought those struggles with people and money into the way I approached business. It took years of trial and error to find ways to break those patterns and replace them with tools powerful enough to support both my family and my dreams. But I did. 

Over the past 12 years I’ve built 7+ businesses that have taken me to 30+ countries, made lots of money and a real difference to the lives of many people. I’ve won a bunch of awards, sparked several world-wide trends and had my work featured in Vogue, Elle magazine and Huffington Post, among many others.

The best part? I’ve had so much fun doing it.

Having been on both sides, I'm especially passionate about empowering creatives to create their own version of my story. I know the pain of keeping big dreams in a cage too small to hold them and I know the pure joy of seeing them take flight.

I love helping shy, weird kids build bold, bad-ass businesses that challenge the system, bring in more money than they thought possible and dare to make the world a better place. In fact, I think their voices are exactly what the world needs.

That’s why I created Business As An Artform.




Business As An Artform is a powerful 6-month mentorship program that clarifies the 3 essential ingredients businesses need to grow, in a language that makes sense to creatives.

As a participant of the program, you are taught to reimagine the concept of business, designing it from the ground up to bring you joy, demand attention, supercharge your profit margin and help the planet.

So far, I'm proud to say we have a 100% approval rating from past participants. We've been able to help members of our tribe increase booking numbers by as much as 4X and increase sales figures as much as 419%.

Maybe even cooler, 6+ brand-new industry-disrupting companies have been launched that were inspired directly by the course, in collaboration between tribe-members.

If you’re tired of pouring so much time and energy into your business and feeling like you’re not getting enough back, apply below for a space in the 2019 program.




I’m not exaggerating when I say … my mind is BLOWN at Jesh’s entire process and I feel a true transformation at every level. It works! It really works! I can’t thank Jesh enough for the inspiration, support & absolute MAGIC. - KN

I've been going over all I have learned from Jesh the past 6 months and how he has unlocked potential that was already there all along... Jesh facilitated that leap but it came so easy to me… a whole other side of me that I’ve found and i’m enjoying exploring. 
My mind is fucking exploding with excitement and admiration for myself and the fact just one (special!) human can support and uplift someone in such a way. So fucking powerful. - JC

Some new friends came over today for lunch and asked what I do… Within 3 minutes she was literally tearing up because she was so moved by what I was saying!! Win!! Working with Jesh has already transformed my business and my way of thinking that will have an effect on the rest of my life. - DD

I’m finishing up the most inspiring year of Business As An Artform. To have someone like Jesh in my life and on my team means everything. My business has shifted and evolved using the best that both of us offered up. It’s beautiful and it’s me. I’m on track this year to double what I made last year. And I just introduced a new business idea that came from our work together. BAAA is an all around life booster. Worth every single penny. Thanks, my friend. You are fucking brilliant plus some. - JT

Going into this mentorship I was in a place where I often had feelings of uncertainty. I would see people on social media working on amazing things, shooting in this amazing locations and it would make me think, gosh I wish I was doing that! Now I’m in a place where I know I’m up to some big and exciting things myself. I feel so enthusiastic about what I’m doing that I can see my excitement rub off on others. That’s one of the things about Jesh. He’s just so excited about life in general, it’s hard for his energy not to rub off on you! He will be real with you, push you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to dare greatly and you know he’s always got your back. Because of this mentorship, I am as excited as ever, not only about my business, but about my life! - WC

For the first time in my life i have met someone who truly understand a creative’s relationship with business. Jesh is a warmhearted and joyful genius. Not only has he given me a deep understanding of the creative business process, but also changed the way i see myself, as a human and artist, to be able get the results i want to have, both in life and my business. - SJ

How do you explain the creative impulse that makes a flower bloom? That’s what Jesh does, but with people. I knew this mentorship would be amazing - what I didn’t know is that it would change our lives. Jesh is the master of showing you the gold at your feet. If you’re going to apply, make sure you’re ready to for your wildest dreams to come true. I mean it. - RN



On JULY 30 (after the free online talk) we are opening 3 new spaces for Business As An Artform 2019 (7 are already taken).

This program is for serious applicants who are ready for big change, have a desire to make a big impact on the planet and are willing to commit to the hard work and practice extraordinary results require.

Investment required for the program is tiered, based on revenue. Payment options will be discussed with successful applicants.

Applications are processed in the order received. We’ll set up a time to interview you if you make the shortlist. Please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, not all may be responded to.

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