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Hi. My name is Jesh de Rox.

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I'm taking 12 people on an incredible journey in 2018 helping them have all the fun and make all the money building a business that will blow their socks off. Curious? Check words below from participants in the last course:




I've been going over all I have learned from Jesh the past 6 months and how he has unlocked potential that was already there all along... Jesh facilitated that leap and it came so easy to me it's another part of me that I have found and am enjoying to continue to explore. My mind is fucking exploding with excitement and admiration for myself and the fact just one (special!) human can support and uplift someone in such a way. Its like watching a Mother duck wading the water, 'come on little ducklings, you can swim, its ok'. And the ducklings start swimming, something they were completely capable to begin with. But with a little encouragement and support, they found their potential. So fucking powerful. - JC

Some new friends came over today for lunch and the wife asked what I do. I was SO tempted to say "I'm a photographer" but I pushed through and lead with "I'm really passionate about helping kids to feel safe, loved, and connected in their families..." and went on to describe how, and within 3 minutes she was literally tearing up because she was so moved by what I was saying!! Win!! Working with Jesh has already transformed my business and my way of thinking that will have an effect on the rest of my life. - DD

I am seeing much more clearly now. The visions taller, wider, higher, deeper, bigger. More bold. I am a better version of myself. The self that has always been there. It has been incredible to witness all of us being gracefully cracked open and pulled from our hiding places. Thanks, my friend. You are fucking brilliant plus some. - JT

Working with Jesh has been truly eye opening. At first I was hesitant about the investment, and now I feel like it has been fantastic decision. I’ve taken many online courses and workshops and even a few in person ones but nothing sends you on a projectile to success more than working with someone who’s at the top of their game and has done it before. Jesh helped me greatly in my photography, business and has even changed the way that I think! Going into this mentorship I was in a place where I often had feelings of uncertainty. I would see people on social media working on amazing things, shooting in this amazing locations and it would make me think, gosh I wish I was doing that! Now I’m in a place where I know I’m up to some big and exciting things myself. I feel so enthusiastic about what I’m doing that I can see my excitement rub off on others. That’s one of the things about Jesh. He’s just so excited about life in general, it’s hard for his energy not to rub off on you! He will be real with you, push you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to dare greatly and you know he’s always got your back. Because of this mentorship, I am as excited as ever, not only about my business, but about my life! - WC

Whose heart was also bursting with SO MANY FEELS yesterday? I'm so blown away with the rocketships everyone is assembling. Tender, raw, magical, radical, powerful ... important. Such important work. - K.N.