1. Authentic storytelling: How to capture a wedding day as it unfolds naturally to tell authentic stories that connect with your couples and your audience.

2. Keeping yourself in a constant state of inspiration: The key in this saturated market is to be unique and keeping your source of inspiration multi-faceted is key to doing something different.

3. The importance of curation: How to build a brand that connects with like-minded people and fulfills your passions.

4. Keeping things simple and efficient: A look at workflow from first enquiry right through to delivery to help achieve a balanced life.

5. Making travel + weddings work: Travelling for weddings changes the dynamic of your business - how to let it enhance what you do.

6. Three mistakes photographers make that prevent beautiful expressions and how to avoid them 

7. Five ways to quickly build trust with your subject

8. How to use Moment Design to create beautiful moments with your subjects

9. How to build a business people will talk about. 

10. Hands-on practices guided by Jesh that will help you master Moment Design techniques and implement them into your business